The Music Promotion on Spotify can be Only Organic, no other Variants Allowed!

Let’s play a guessing game. In front of the screen, there is a person reading this. Wow, what a guess. This person is a musician, that uploads music on Spotify. This is getting warmer. This unnamed musician is doing his best at building a career on this music streaming service. But despite all the effort, the results are sad and small. The desire to do something slowly fades away, and in a few months this musician would’ve lowered the hands and abandoned his dreams of becoming a star. Am I right? Luckily, you have opened a right link. There is an escape from this, there still is hope. And the name of hope is organic Spotify promotion. Don’t close the article yet, hear me out first.

When it comes to music promotion, the majority of musicians have a wrong impression and can’t stop themselves from calling all promotion services a scam. I will try to break that impression for you, and give you a fresh look at it.

If you are thinking of creating a career on Spotify from scratch, you can’t stop yourself of thinking about making your journey to success easier. There is nothing wrong with that. All people are lazy, and you are not an exception. However, there is no need to consider music promotion a cheating, because it is nothing like that. Maybe ten years ago the only way of promotion was getting bots, but now, there are much more complex and diversified methods of attracting real people. With the growth of social media and internet as a whole, the new ways and methods for generating traffic appear. Now, almost any music promotion service offers organic promotion, but not every person knows what it means.

Organic promotion is called organic because it targets real users. Music promotion services use social media, ads, music magazines, music blogs, various partnerships, and many other promotion channels, each and every one of which does bring followers, plays, likes, and shares. With organic promotion, you are not cheating, you are simply showing your music to the people that are not aware of it. And that’s it. What’s wrong in showing your music to the masses? There is no misleading. With the organic promotion, you are attracting the good attention of Spotify algorithms. If your music is showing good performance, despite being fully promotion-based, the Spotify will still count you as a growing talent, and actively promote your music. As soon as you get some weight, your promotion will get bigger, bolder, and the results will grow better. All you have to do to start truly seamless promotion is to clock “buy” on any parameter you want, and wait for the fame to come.

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