10 Best Web Safe Fonts Examples

Web Safe fonts imply that they will be to a great degree normal on most forms of Windows, Mac, Linux and so on, so they will be view-capable by pretty much everybody. Each working framework is it windows or mac accompanies a specific number of inherent textual styles.

Despite the fact that not all PC frameworks have similar typefaces introduced, you can utilize a web safe sort style pack to pick a few text styles that look equivalent. This will permit different frameworks see what you have posted on your site. If a guest to a Web website does not have the specific text style, their program tries to choose a comparable option.

Today fonts are utilized as a part of an electronic frame for site design, promotion representation, and more and additionally daily papers, magazines, and books that are still printed. We have assembled some of the best web safe fonts that you can use with CSS on your site.

Here are the textual styles that if utilized as a part of your font stack will be protected and your website page will show up effectively to any individual who visits it. They can likewise give you an expert look. If you have any others fonts please drop in a remark.

1. Verdana


2. Tahoma Regular

Tahoma Regular

3. Century Gothic

Century Gothic

4. Impact Std Roman

Impact Std Roman

5. Webdings Regular

Webdings Regular

6. Wingdings


7. Times New Roman

Times New Roman - Web Safe Fonts

8. Palatino Nova Pro Regular

Palatino Nova Pro Regular

9. Arial Black – Web Safe Fonts

Arial Black

10. Lucida Console Std

Lucida Console Std

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