Top 5 Tips For Building an Email List For Your Blog

If your blog has been getting a few visitors lately, would you rather have those visitors leave and never come back to your blog again, or would you rather have them come back later and become repeat readers?

If there’s one thing that all of the popular blogs in the world have in common, it’s that they’ve all succeeded in attracting repeat readers, and one way they’ve gone about this is by having an email list available for visitors to subscribe to.

Here are the top five tips for building an email list and creating an email campaign for your blog:

  1. Provide An Incentive For Signing Up To Your Mailing List

The only way someone will sign up for your mailing list is if they have an incentive to do so. There are a huge variety of rewards that you can provide a user for signing up to your mailing list, such as a free eBook or video that you otherwise would sell for a higher price.

  1. Protect Your Email

Having an email list comes with a lot of responsibility, and this is why you need email security solutions to ensure that your email remains protected. Basic software that can identify and remove threats such as viruses or malware will always be better than nothing.

  1. Partner Up With Popular Bloggers In Your Same Niche

One of the best places to find new people who will be potentially interested in signing up to your mailing list will be other popular blogs in your same niche. Contact the bloggers of those blogs and ask if you can cross promote by writing guests posts on each other’s blogs. At the end of your post, include a link to your mailing list and mention the reward the reader will receive if they sign up.

  1. Interact With Your Subscribers

Even after you’ve gained new subscribers, there’s always the possibility that they may unsubscribe if they feel they’re not receiving value from being on your mailing list. This is why it’s critical to interact with your subscribers by sending them weekly updates and holding special contests only available to them. Not only will it keep them engaged, it will make them feel more appreciated as well.

  1. Don’t Stop Writing

Finally, your mailing list will only continue to naturally grow as more people visit your website each day, and more people will visit your website if you produce more content. Therefore, never stop writing. At the bare minimum, you should be writing at least one new blog post a week.

Find a regimen that works well for you and stick to that regimen at all costs. Readers should know when to expect a new post, and don’t forget to notify your notify your subscribers once you’ve written one.

Growing Your Mailing List

Growing your mailing list is one of the most important marketing techniques you can do as a blogger. By successfully utilizing the tips in this article, you can grow your mailing list exponentially. At the same time, remember to clean it every once in a while. You don’t want bad email addresses to affect your inbox placement, so consider using an email verifier and maintain good email hygiene.

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