Logo Evolution: 10 Old and New Logos of Popular Brands

Everything changes with time, and organizations are no exemption. Keeping in mind the end goal to stay sensitive to the regularly changing needs and interests of buyers, organizations should continually advance so they can stay in front of the opposition. A logo is of incredible significance for any organization. It remains for an organization’s business reason and is urgent for speaking with the intended interest group.

Numerous corporate organizations brands change their logos with time to keep pace with their evolving business. Advancement is a procedure of progress or improvement. It is the point at which one rendition of an item is superior to the past one. An incredible logo change can inhale new life into an old brand. A logo, if outlined successfully, can convey to individuals’ brain the novel offering recommendation of an association, which definitely advances the organization on a sub-cognizant level.

In this post we have highlighted most beautiful old and new logos of popular brands for your inspiration. We demonstrate to you a portion of the greatest and the best logo advancement. We trust that these will give you a few thoughts on how organizations like these have composed their logo in a manner that individuals could without much of a stretch relate to their image names.


Pepsi Old and New Logo Designs


Apple Brand New and Old Logos


Old and New Logos of Adidas


BMW Old and New Logo Ideas


IBM Old and New Logos

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Logo Evolution Ideas

Coca Cola

Coca Cola Old and New Logo Designs


NISSAN Brand Evolution


Google Old and New Logo Designs

McDonald’s Old and New Logos of Popular Brands

New and Old McDonald’s Logo Design

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