How To Kickstart Your Marketing Strategy on WordPress

As the digital world has evolved and grown, so have businesses and the way companies operate all over the world. More and more organizations have moved their operations online and entrepreneurs have been able to launch their “big ideas” more easily than ever before. Digital marketing has boomed over the last decade, and with the exponential growth of social media, larger audiences can be reached than ever.

Online marketing has opened up dozens of channels and platforms in which companies can reach their customer base. It has provided varying ways that a brand can reach out, engage and convert a customer through savvy content. So, if you are getting your new WordPress website off the ground, and looking for ways to find, engage and create loyal customers, look no further.

We will be discussing how, in a few steps, you can develop your digital marketing strategy, implement it and start building your customer base today. Below you will several actionable points that you can integrate into your brand strategy today. 

Know What Your Customers Want

Let’s start by looking at your customers. In order to reach more people, you will need to know exactly who you are speaking to, or want to speak to at least. The best place to start is by creating a customer profile. Here, you map out your customer’s interests, behaviors, and profiles and start creating content that will pique their interest and get them engaging with your brand. If you are wanting to increase your sales leads, you need to know as much as you can about your customers so that you can reach directly to their needs.

Communication is also key. WordPress has a plethora of tools that you can integrate to live chat to your customers, allow for comments to be added to blogs or even just create automated responses that allow your customers to interact with you. From this data, you will be able to see what they are looking for and what you can do to attract more customers.

Surveys are a great way to engage directly with your customers, find out what they want, how they found your service and how they would like to see you improve. NPS Surveys are a key tool to find out whether your customer would recommend you to someone else. A simple survey not only provides you with this feedback but also gets the customer thinking about spreading the word about your brand. WordPress has various survey templates that you can create and send to your customers to answer.

Content is Key

Research has shown that great content on your Wordpress blog can increase traffic by up to 2000%! This is vital to keep in mind when launching your online marketing strategy as you have to keep several things in mind when creating content. Content is the first key for reaching potential and new customers on search platforms like Google. It is thereafter vital to develop a sense of trust with customers and create loyal fans who return over and over to engage with your content and your brand.

Let’s take a look at the first aspect. Creating a SEO strategy centers around developing content that includes a set of keywords that you integrate across your site. you will need to research what keywords need to be included on your site, and what words your customers search for. Depending on how competitive your niche’s market is, you might need to consider hiring a good digital agency to give you a hand. Google regularly scrapes your site and picks up what words you frequently use and then ranks your page on the search page. The higher your ranking, the more clicks you will get and the more traffic will be driven to your site. Brands regularly monitor and track their competitors keywords to make sure that they are adding them to their site too to compete in rankings. 

The next aspect of content is to get your customers engaged with your brand. You will need to ensure that your site has a blog that can publish educational and informative articles daily. Remember, people buy from brands that they trust and the only way you can get someone to trust you is to create content that they can learn from and take something from. A content calendar is necessary to keep a key message to link through to all pieces of content. From blogs to videos to ads. You can post the content and monitor how much traffic it brings in.

Extend Your Reach

Social media has evolved and grown significantly over the last decade. It has since become a key foundation of brand marketing strategies. Customers not only take to social media to research brands but to give feedback and engage with brands. Studies show that 86% of people prefer honest, and authentic brands on social media. Once you have developed content on your blog and for your site, you can easily share that over social media to get more traction of the content. You can even use social media apps like TikTok to promote your website. Get more TikTok followers to get more traffic. You can work out a content calendar that includes written blogs, video, and audio to share to social media to increase engagement on your site.

Email marketing allows you to further that reach. Weekly or bi-weekly mailers are important to keep your customers coming back for more. You can use the generated content to feed into the mailers which will go out to your database. Monitoring your click-through rates will show you what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the content that you are pushing out. The more opens you get, the more traffic you are driving to your site. You will need to ensure that the landing pages are optimized with CTA’s in order to push the visitor through to becoming a sale.

Wrapping Up

Ensuring that your customer keeps coming back is certainly not difficult when you have the right strategy in place. One exercise that a brand takes is to go through their own site as if they were a customer and see how the customer sees them. They relook at all of the content, watch the videos and monitor the data. Everything is thereafter optimized according to what the data tells them. Once you start creating a customer-centric brand, you will notice a pick up in traffic and sales, and you can thereafter start working on creating a loyal customer base.

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