Are the Companies for Music Promotion Robbing Spotify Musicians?

That’s quite a catchy title I got there, right? Do you who are the best friends of modern Spotify musicians besides their producers? Try to guess. No, not that one. Okay, I’ll give you the answer – Spotify promotion companies. Wait, wait, don’t close the page yet. It is not a selling text or a paid ad. Have you calmed down already?

So, let’s start with Spotify itself. You are a young, budding musician with a desire to create music. You are thriving on it, it is your lifelong passion. And you have already uploaded quite a few tracks to Spotify. You’ve waited, and waited, but your success still is not even on the horizon. What can you do? Well, to find a solution we first need to understand the origins of the problem. I suppose it began when the Spotify became somewhat popular. When the number of users was relatively small, each musician opted for the similar attention, and the better the artist was, the better were his numbers.

It is somewhat true even now, however the huge growth of the service the number of users has also grown quite rapidly, and so did the number of musicians.

It became harder to stand out among all those creators, and more difficult to make your music stand out. So every musician chooses his own approach to solving it – colorful covers, weird audio, and so on. Some prefer aggressive social media promotion, making their music an add-on to their personality. But all those approaches are not as effective as simple work with algorithms. And again, the most direct approach saves the day!

Yes, just tricking algorithms gives you far better results. However, music promotion when it is done right is not about trickery, it is about working with the audience, and making your listener interested. Social media, blogs, videos, collaborations, every possible way is used. Even some ways that you can’t even think of. And when you combine all the sources, you get a truly flammable cocktail, that can make anyone a number one star. 

There are records about musicians who made their first place in charts of Spotify only by promoting their music in specialized companies. That sounds absurd, but as I said, the real promotion is indistinguishable from a real interest. Why? Because it is real. And answering the question in the title – no, they are not. Well, some of them ma be. But if you look at respected and trusted companies, you’ll see thousands of thankful clients, and even some big stars among them. So, if you are still skeptical – close the page. But if you are willing to test your luck, then read some more about it, and maybe you will be the next guest of the “Saturday Night Live”!

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