Top 9 WordPress Google Map Plugins

WordPress Google maps are exceptionally valuable nowadays as a rule in WordPress contact shapes which showcase the right area of the business or a position of interest. Stamping diverse areas on the guide should be possible effortlessly with the marker choices the module furnishes and that too with brilliant symbols for cooperation. Route your voyage over various travel area with these modules and you will begin adoring them.

Despite the fact that the Google Maps API comes furnished with installing code, numerous WordPress clients will feel more great utilizing a devoted guide module. All things considered, a committed Google Map plugin offers more components, customization, and settings. Is it accurate to say that you are hoping to include Google Maps your WordPress site?

There are a lot of free WordPress Google maps plugins accessible for WordPress which makes it hard to know which is the best. In this article, we will display you the main 8 best free WordPress Google Maps plugins for your sites. So grab a module and begin making beautiful maps for your WordPress posts and pages. I hope you will like these useful Google maps plugins.

1. WordPress Google Maps

WordPress Google Maps

Google Maps WD is the most feature-packed, yet intuitive and easy to use plugin for Google maps. It allows you to add unlimited number of maps to your site with store locator and get directions functionalities. You can fully customize the maps with custom marker icons, map layers, map themes and skins, and see the changes in real time as you make them. The plugin supports road, traffic, satellite, terrain and hybrid map styles and Google Maps standard Bicycle, traffic and transit layers. It comes with a marker icon builder, user geolocation feature, and allows you to display markers within the map as a map legend.

2. WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps gives you a chance to include a boundless number of markers to maps, giving you a chance to highlight areas of interest. To further attract guests to a particular zone of your guide, you can include beautiful polygons and poly-lines to them, as well. Presumably the best component in this free WordPress google map plugins is the store locator furthermore potentially the most profitable to you.

3. Maps Builder

Maps Builder

Maps Builder accompanies a delightful guide customization involvement with huge amounts of choices. You can without much of a stretch include areas, pick map size, controls, map sorts, and even pick a guide subject. Every one of this should be possible in a visual alter. Adding a guide to a post is simple. You should simply click a catch on the post proofreader and select your guide.

4. Basic Google Maps Placemarks

wordpress google map plugins

Fundamental Google Maps Placemarks permits you to include Placemarks with location, relegate them classifications, include custom marker in the event that you like. You can make the same number of Placemarks as you need and after that showcase all of them together on a guide utilizing shortcodes. You can likewise make classes to make diverse maps demonstrating distinctive areas and Placemarks.

5. Google Maps Bank

Google Maps Bank

Google maps bank is a WordPress Google map plugins that mixes ease of use with a quality arrangement of components. To maintain a strategic distance from unpracticed WordPress clients from getting lost, the module comes furnished with an accommodating 7-stage wizard. The module likewise bolsters more than 800 custom marker symbols, an assortment of Google Map sorts, and bearings to your area.

6. Comprehensive Google Map Plugin

Comprehensive Google Map Plugin

A straightforward and instinctive, yet rich and completely recorded Google map module that introduces as a gadget and a short code. This last one is especially valuable, permitting a guest to discover and plot the course from their present area to their coveted goal easily perfect on the off chance that you need more footfall in your block and mortar store!

7. Snazzy Maps – WordPress Google Map Plugins

Snazzy Maps

Great Maps gives you a chance to apply client made styles to your maps like channels in photography. There are hundreds and many manifestations on the Snazzy Maps site. Assemble and tweak your own styles on Snazzy Maps and get to them through the module. Rapidly apply styles to the majority of the Google Maps on your WordPress site.

8. Google Maps CP

Google Maps CP

CP Google Maps module permits you to effortlessly relate Geo area information to a post and show map with your custom pictures. You can pick a custom marker to be set on the guide for an area. The majority of the module’s other extraordinary elements are bolted and require the paid adaptation of the module.

9. WP Google Map Plugin

WP Google Map Plugin - WordPress Google Map Plugins

Another incredible choice for very intuitive Google maps is WordPress Google map plugins. It accompanies an extraordinary arrangement of elements permitting you to make excellent maps with heaps of custom data. You can include beautiful markers, data windows, divert clients when they tap on guide, and effectively implant maps with shortcode. You can spare different areas and after that make a guide demonstrating these areas with custom markers.

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