20 Bad Logos Design Examples

Marketers say that a standout amongst the most critical promoting tools is a decent logo outline. It not just gives a simple to perceive character for your business additionally conveys your identity. That is the reason each organization considering making or purchasing a logo outline ought to know the criteria that make for a powerful logo.

A logo is a picture that should be the representation of an association. The logo’s occupation is to emit the same vitality you would need individuals to get when you portray the organization or association it speaks to. While the execution of a powerful logo can set an organization up for achievement, the inverse is additionally conceivable.

At the point when outside information isn’t accumulated to assess logo models, creators can miss significant strides and the result can be unfortunate. Logo should to be basic, not uproarious and most imperative of all, it must be effectively perceived.

Maybe the best logo is the one where it can catch a man’s feeling. Right away, here are 20 bad logos design. Offer in remark segment what is the greatest lesson you gained from this bad logos designs article! Possibly you have all the more great or bad logo design tips to share?

1. Half Badger Records

Half Badger Records

2. ecoIP




4. Matilha Creative Co

Bad Logos Design

5. Rock is Bad

Rock is Bad

6. Smoking Harvest

Smoking Harvest

7. Bat Writer

Bat Writer

8. Bad Taste

Bad Taste

9. Koala Kompany

Koala Kompany

10. Bad Ideas

Bad Ideas

11. Purebred Staffordshire Bull Terrier Logo Badge

Purebred Staffordshire Bull Terrier Logo Badge

12. Badog Bad Logos Design


13. Baday


14. Bad Buddy

Bad Buddy

15. Badminton Player

Badminton Player

16. Badog – Ericmangion

Badog - Ericmangion



18. King Bulldog

King Bulldog

19. Punk Style

Punk Style

20. Punk Lizard

Punk Lizard

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