Visual Details That You Should Include in Your Blog Articles

You should always be looking for marketing strategies that will make you more money. That might mean getting into geofencing with the help of BuildFire, trying a new social media strategy, or starting an email list. Hopefully, your strategy also includes blogging.

But, just because you’re posting articles on a blog doesn’t mean they’re actually drawing customer into your business!

How you write your articles matters, and how they look matters too. Here are a few visual details that will make your articles more engaging, which in turn will create new leads for your business.


Writing blog articles takes enough time and energy. You probably don’t want to spend even more time looking for images to enhance the content you create. That’s a huge mistake.

According to one study, blogs that contain pictures get as much as 94 percent more views than blogs that don’t have images. That’s almost twice as many people looking at your content!

There are many websites online that contain pictures that are free to use, or you can use your own images. Picking the right ones might be a challenge at first, but as you get more practice, you’ll discover that it only takes a few minutes to enhance your articles with images.


Giant blocks of text are really hard to digest. It’s much easier to use smaller chunks of text, and one great way to do that is to use headings.

Many people who read blog articles actually aren’t reading the whole thing from start to finish. Instead, they skim the content, and with headings, they can skim the content more efficiently, which means they’ll read more of the article you worked hard to write.

Bulleted lists

Speaking of breaking up content, there’s no better way to do it than to use bulleted lists. A few tips for bulleted lists include:

  • Keep formatting consistent: If using full sentences, use punctuation. If using fragments, skip the punctuation.
  • Each line should be visually similar: Keep each bulleted point approximately the same length and use bolding, dashes, and colons consistently.
  • Introduce the list clearly: Use a brief sentence to introduce the list and make sure the introduction matches the content in the list.
  • Use bulleted lists sparingly: It is important to break up your content with bulleted lists, but just one or two bulleted lists is enough for the average article.


Images aren’t the only choice you have for visuals in your blog articles. Consider using infographics too. Infographics can very easily be created for a wide variety of topics. If you don’t have the skills to create infographics for your articles, consider hiring a graphic designer to do it for you.

By adding this one detail to your article you can increase traffic and increase the likelihood of your content being shared on social media!

The best blog articles are about a lot more than the words on the screen. With these tips, you can make your content visual, which in turn will bring in more readers.

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