5 Crucial Tips for Managing Freelance Bloggers Without Any Headaches

Whether for SEO purposes or simply to reap the benefits of content marketing, having a helping hand in terms of blogging is always a plus. Not only to additional bloggers on your team help you cover new ground and build more links, but also allow you to spend more time on content promotion and distribution.

That said, finding the right fit within the blogosphere is easier said than done. While there are plenty of skilled freelance writers and bloggers out there for hire, even the best blogger can falter if their content managers don’t set them up for success. On a similar, you need to make sure that your business is structured to hire freelancers quickly and efficiently so that you don’t set yourself up for any needless headaches,

So, what do you need to consider before beefing up your blogging team?

Tread Lightly With Your Business’ Information

Although you probably understand the need to craft legal documents to protect your intellectual property, don’t wildly hand out crucial account information for WordPress or Google for your new hires. Instead, give them limited access accounts and use a password manager online to provide yourself with an extra layer of protection. After all, you don’t want flaky freelancers to walk away with your passwords or essential docs, do you?

Set Up the Tools of the Trade

Most bloggers these days are well aware of or are more than willing to learn the in’s and out’s of WordPress so that you don’t have to optimize posts yourself. For example, the Yoast SEO plugin in a must-have for modern bloggers which provides step-by-step instructions for bloggers to optimize their posts. If you want your posts in a certain format or you expect your bloggers to upload on your behalf, simply make that expectation known.

Provide a Style Guide

On a similar note, clear expectations will make or break your experience with freelance bloggers. It’s crucial that you provide your own style guide to writers so they know exactly how to capture your company’s voice and ultimately write the best content possible. For example, out should clearly outline what you expect in terms of..

  • Word count: sometimes it pays to take a quality over quantity approach to content
  • Linking: for example, you may want to list sites that bloggers should never link to or mention for the sake of giving your brand a boost versus the competition
  • Voice: most importantly, bloggers need to know how much they freedom they have in terms of a conversation tone (think: lots of humor and personal anecdotes) versus a more formal, suit and tie style

Let Them Promote Their Work

As an added bonus, be sure to let your writers promote your blog content whenever possible. While this may not make sense for ghostwritten work, it’s a win-win situation for bloggers and businesses alike when your content gets an extra push. Many businesses expect bloggers to post their content via social and republish via platforms like LinkedIn and Medium.

Provide Positive Feedback When Possible

If your bloggers are doing a fine job, be sure to let them via positive feedback and reinforcement. After all, competition within the blogosphere is fierce. The more loyal and dedicated your team feels to your business, the less likely are they are to bounce.

Beefing up your blogging output is a no-brainer if it’s within your budget. Simply make sure to hire with care so you can focus more on your content strategy versus wrangling your writers.

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