Your Guide to Become a Professional Video Editor

Video editing is one of the most popular crafts that you could pursue as a career. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram introduced video players on their platforms, meaning that brands have an opportunity to take advantage of the content and promote themselves.

YouTube is also as popular as it has ever been. In fact, it continues to grow, and plenty of big channels have dedicated video editors. The personalities you see in videos are working on promotion and other elements to grow their brands rather than editing videos.

In other words, the demand for video editors is real, and it will likely increase even more in the future. If you would like to give video editing a go, read the rest of this article. It will cover some of the most important steps to take if you want to start a career as a video editor.

Invest in Reliable Computer

A good computer is the first you will need. Keep in mind that video editing software is quite resource-heavy, meaning that poor hardware will not get you too far once you start working on the more advanced stuff.

Usually, video editors get a PC with great hardware. There are multiple ways to build a custom computer and get your money’s worth.

MacBook could also be an option. While not as powerful hardware-wise, a MacBook is still a decent choice. Besides, using a laptop would mean not having to restrict yourself from working from home because of portability.

On the other hand, macOS could pose some difficulties, like struggling to convert mkv to mp4 mac video files or running out of drive space because the total available storage is not that great, particularly for a video editor.

Thus, it would probably be better to use a personal computer for video editing needs and not worry about potential problems you may run into as a laptop user.

Practice as Much as You Can

Video editing is a craft that you need to work on every day. Practice as much as possible, particularly early on, and get the basics down so you can advance to more complicated stuff.

Establish early on what your strengths are and work on them. Having a particular quality where you stand out from the rest as a video editor will be a huge asset. Perhaps you know how to get the right sound out of your surroundings and include that in a video instead of using generic tracks?

Or maybe you have a feeling for when to make the transitions or add just the right amount of effects without making them too obnoxious?

Discover your strong points and polish them while practicing the craft. And once you feel comfortable, look for your first gig to get real work experience. Accept an offer even if it pays little. The goal is to add work to your portfolio and maybe even a potential reference from a customer if they are happy with your services.

Create a Website

A website should not be too complicated. If you aim to become a professional, you will have to have a website. Make sure to include relevant information, like how to contact you, testimonials from clients, examples of your work (portfolio), rates, and what types of videos you edit.

The goal of a website is to improve your presence online. It is true that many video editors focus on establishing themselves on certain platforms, but do not forget some potential clients may be using Google and other search engines to find and hire a video editor.

Establish Your Presence on Relevant Platforms

Like already mentioned, many video editors focus on building their profiles on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork because one can find many video editing gigs on such websites.

However, the tricky part is standing out from the competition. If you are a new video editor who joins the platform, you will need to get at least a few five-star reviews on your profile to build some credibility.

Take work even if the pay is lackluster. The primary objective is to receive positive feedback on your profile that will ultimately translate into gigs with higher pay.

Expand Your Network

Once you start getting more work, do not stop with just a few customers. Expand your network on social media and add contacts that you can email later and ask whether they need a video editor again. Having a great relationship with your customers could come in handy as well when you need a reference for a new gig. A backing from someone who is happy with your services holds weight and can persuade a potential client to hire you instead of a different video editor.

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