Tips for Keeping Your Website Secure and Safe

The worldwide web is used by millions of people every single day. There are plenty of different websites available to view, making it all too easy for hackers to get into systems and steal sensitive information. If you’re a site owner or developer, there are different ways for you to keep your pages safe regardless of the type of business you run. In doing so, you’ll be improving customer experience and increasing the amount of web traffic you receive each day.

Use a Firewall Analyzer

Firewalls are a network security system that help to analyze both ingoing and outgoing traffic. This can help you to get a clear picture of who or what is using your website and whether or not their efforts are malicious. By using a quality firewall log analyzer, you’ll have in-depth data of firewall activity. This can help you to detect a problem before it becomes a major issue. Many of these log management tools send alerts so that you’re always kept updated on different changes.

Require Strong Passwords

If you are using passwords to log into different scripts throughout the site, you need to be making sure that they are difficult to decode. This means using passwords that have a mixture of letters and numbers as well as uppercase, lowercase and some special characters. If you allow your visitors to create accounts on the site itself, you need to require that they use strong passwords to prevent anyone from hacking into different accounts.

Analyze Usage and Visitor Data

Simply publishing your website isn’t enough, as you need to be aware of what or who is visiting your pages at all times. This can be done through tracking visitor data and using analytics. This allows you to see who is visiting each page, where they came from and where they went after leaving. This can also be helpful in understanding marketing patterns, as you’ll be able to see if certain affiliate linking and search engine optimization is working to your benefit.

Update All Software

Outdated software programs can be a real problem when it comes to the overall security of your site. This is because there may be bugs, errors and glitches within older programs that can be easily utilized by hackers to try to get into your internal system. This allows them to steal personal data and information that can be used against you and your visitors. Make sure that any and all software that you use is updated at all times.

Keep Your Site Clean

What this means is to remove any old files and information that you are no longer using. Sure, it can be tedious to have to go through every single file and delete it manually, but you’ll find that this prevents issues with security risks that hackers can use to get into your site to steal data. Keep the overall file structure as tidy as possible to make it easy to go through and delete information as it is necessary. In doing so, you’re improving the safety of your webpage and all internal coding.

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