15 Talented Artists To Follow On Facebook

This world is fully loaded with peoples and stories. Regular human experiences radical changes, feelings, distresses and bliss. Art is a structure which takes you to a lighter world. The world which is loaded with expressions. It’s a great opportunity to audit Facebook pages of the best chose artist.

General conclusion is that artist use Facebook basically to educate their fans about up and coming displays, most recent activities and as of late finished works. Here, we’ve selected a list of some inspiring and talented artists to follow on Facebook that we think will convey some style and inventiveness to your every day bolster.

Utilizing social network as a part of a such a drew in sense, makes the craftsman’s Facebook page an a great deal a greater amount of a fascinating spot for other people. I trust that from this rousing article you can get yourself the bravery to begin your own imaginative attempts. Let’s take a look at our 15 Facebook pages we chose for you!

1. Len-Yan


Magdalena Pagowska’s outlines regularly include great looking men with agonizingly wonderful melancholic components. Her shading palettes appear to shine gold, with wonderful fragile touches to finish the look.

2. Cyanparade


Cyanparade is a best artist from Malaysia. Having been an enthusiast of funnies from an exceptionally youthful age, kiDChan has constantly discovered her place in workmanship ahead of schedule in life. Her stunning structures, distinctive hues and effortless lines are a mix of elaborate impacts from workmanship nouveau, Japanese pop craftsmanship and current configuration.

3. Alexander Jansson

Alexander Jansson

He is a mix media artist from Sweden, whose delineations include amazingly innovative and fabulous subjects. Reminiscent of a youngster’s fantasy, his work of art are so chockful with subtle element, it’ll be troublesome not to gaze at them for a considerable length of time.

4. May Ann

May Ann

May Ann Licudine is an artist from the Philippines whose style shouts to be utilized to represent fables and kids’ stories. This is an official fan-page of May Ann Licudine otherwise known as Mall. If it’s not too much trouble tail her most recent news, advances and fine arts here.

5. Gabriel Picolo

Gabriel Picolo

An artist situated in Brazil, he picked up prominence when he began doing one outline for every day and it made it significantly more charming to take after, as his enhancements were clear to see.

6. Chiara Bautista

Chiara Bautista

Chiara Bautista is a tricky craftsman. Very little is thought about her or her motivations, however she appears to have an amazingly fleshed out world where the greater part of her outlines occur.

7. David Mack

David Mack

David Mack is one of the main makers to be recorded in both the main ten writers list and the main ten Artists list in Wizard Magazine. Mack has visited and displayed his work all through Europe, Asia, and America with various exhibition appears, and book marking visits at chief book shops in over twelve nations.

8. Earther


Earther is a watercolor painter living in Japan. She works with water shading to make dazzling outlines of delightful young ladies. Her style is most likely what it would resemble if Disney had a lovechild with Audrey Kawasaki.

9. Miharu Yokota

Miharu Yokota

Miharu Yokota is a craftsman with complete dominance over the customary medium. The young ladies drawn look digitally embellished and made in a project, yet in all actuality, they were made utilizing customary paint.

10. Jurikoi


Digital fine art that is both fantastically dazzling and renegade. Consolidating the vibe of both Japanese anime and western funnies, there are numerous fascinating delineations to observe on Jurikoi’s Facebook page.



ZAZAC NAMOO is a phenomenal craftsman who works with an extensive variety of workmanship mediums to make eminent manifestations. He records the procedure of creation for every piece, which is bound to satisfy any workmanship beau.

12. Heather Rooney Art

Heather Rooney Art

Heather Rooney is a 22 year old artist gaining practical experience in photograph reasonable shaded pencil and graphite drawings. Her authority over the hued pencil medium is something to gaze upward to, and what improves it even is the way that she records the advancement for generally outlines.

13. Shilin


Shilin makes perfectly nitty gritty representations utilizing advanced apparatuses. They appear like scenes out of JRPGs, or even minutes taken straight out of a dream novel. Extraordinarily moving sights to see.

14. James Jean

James Jean

James Jean was conceived in Taiwan and moved on from New York City’s School of Visual Arts. His widely praised delineation and artistic work profession has driven him to make covers for DC Comics, team up with Prada, and to show his work around the world.

15. Jessica McCourt Talented Artists To Follow On Facebook

Jessica McCourt - Talented Artists To Follow On Facebook

Jessica McCourt is an exceptionally gifted artist. Her craftsmanship include unfathomably charming creatures and nature subjects. From the woods, to the wilderness, to fantastical settings, you can discover all of them in her works. She additionally deals with paper set patterns, and the measure of subtle element she adds to them is dazzling.

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