Aileron Theme Documentation

Thanks for your interest in Aileron Magazine WordPress Theme. We truly appreciate the opportunity to share our themes with you.

Upon activating your Aileron theme, you should visit the Customizer under Appearance → Customize to set up the basic theme settings, such as your background color, a header/logo image, or a Custom Menu.

Detailed instructions and tips can be found below.

Theme Options

You’ll find Aileron’s options in the Customizer, under Appearance → Customize → Theme Options.

Site Logo

You can upload your site logo under Appearance → Customize → Site Title, Tagline and Logo.

Theme Layout

You can use Aileron’s default box layout or personalize it with fixed-width layout.

  • Go to Appearance → Customize → Theme Options.
  • Select Wide or Box from the Theme Layout drop down.

Wide Layout

Aileron will cover the full screen width in wide-layout mode. Any background color, background image or background texture will not be visible using wide-layout mode.

Box Layout

Aileron will wrap the content in a fixed-width box. This option is best if you want to use a background color, background image or background texture for your website.

Featured Images

Aileron supports retina Featured Images on blog posts. We recommend 1240 pixels wide x 620 pixels tall Featured Image.

If you upload larger Featured Images or images with different proportions, they will be automatically resized to match the specific image dimensions noted above.

Adding Homepage Excerpts

As you can see on the Aileron theme demo, each post has a small text excerpt that represents the post. This can be done in a couple different ways.

  • By default, Aileron will cut off your text and create an automatic excerpt using the first 35 words. While this will work, it’s not the cleanest option, since it will truncate your content automatically.
  • You can fine tune the excerpt by using the Excerpt box when creating your post. We recommend this option because it gives you the most control over how the excerpt displays.

Add a Custom Header Image

Add a Custom Header Image to your site by going to Appearance → Customize → Header Image.

First, upload a new image or choose one from your media library. Once uploaded, you will have the opportunity to crop the image and set a few more options.

Note: Your uploaded image should be at least 275 pixels tall. The width should be at least 1920 pixels to provide a crisp background.

Add a Custom Background Image or Color

Add a Custom Background to your site by going to Appearance → Customize → Background Image.

Similar to the Custom Header Image, you can either upload a new image or choose one from your media library. Once you’ve chosen your image, you will have several options for displaying the background. You can also choose a background color instead of an image.

Custom Menus

Aileron allows you to have a Custom Menu in the theme’s header. It can be set up by going to Appearance → Navigation.

Responsive Custom Menu

We are using Responsive Select Menu plugin to make our Custom Menu responsive.

Widget Areas

Aileron comes with the one widget area i.e. right sidebar.